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What do

Sacred Medicine Plant Sacraments


Personal Development Coaching

have to do with each other?

Until recently… practically nothing.

They seemed to be two different worlds with nothing in common.

 Today, as the world is shifting and awakening en masse, it is becoming clearer to see that they have everything in common.

Both of these realms are acting in the service of a singular experience and purpose-  that of awakening to our higher Self, receiving our vision and bringing fruition to our calling.

We are passionate about guiding people through the Awakening process by integrating coaching together with plant sacrament ceremonies

 Coaches the world over know the frustration of trying to get their clients to connect to the Source, to their own Higher Self, and embrace their power as a creator.   The client struggles because he has never experienced himself as perfect, whole and complete.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, ayahuasca initiates all over the world will share profound stories of awakening, insight, and transformation.

Yet many of them go home and stumble their way through the overwhelming process of integrating a powerful spiritual experience into their ordinary every day lives.

We know from personal experience the remarkable effect of integrating these two incredible modalities into one.

We know how quick and deep transformational coaching processes can be embraced and integrated when the client knows  and has experienced her own divine nature, the Higher Self.

This is the fundamental purpose for giving birth to:

the Rites of Passage Awakening Journey.


Rites of Passage is a revolutionary integrative coaching process in which we guide the seeker through the journey of preparation for, initiation in, and reintegration of the ayahuasca experience.

It is designed specifically for those people who seek a safe, responsible way of elevating their self awareness and consciousness through the respectful use of sacred plant sacraments such as ayahuasca, and who are looking for hands on,  step by step support, structure & coaching from experienced guides.

Come join us in a magical journey of awakening, healing, and celebration!

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We are dedicated to organizing transformational travel experiences for the awakened and awakening among us.